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"Excellence is not an act. It's a habit" Aristotle

Excellence does not happen overnight. It has been a process over the last 80 years of hard work, research and development where we successfully challenge the limits of plastic. Our company was founded in 1932.

It is a fully integrated family-owned company, structured to provide you with quick time-to-market, high-quality products. This makes HDB the global benchmark for both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics.

Our ambition for excellence is reflected in each and every person working at our company. We all aspire after ultimate customer satisfaction. That is why your products are in good hands at HDB.

In close cooperation with your technical engineers and marketing department, our R&D turns your ideas into useable concepts.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can create innovative, technologically-advanced and commercially successful products.

We have a technical edge that is the result of continuous innovation of our standard products thus ensuring our leading market position.

CAD systems provide 2D and 3D drawings for visualisation, prototyping and mould manufacturing.

Moulding your future

Impeccable products can only be produced by means of high quality moulds. Our state-of-the-art mould shop applies the most recent developments in mould technology and machinery.

Our in-house experience and know-how result in ideal and efficient production of both prototype and commercial moulds.

We only use the highest quality steel in our production, resulting in a long-lasting mould life cycle.

Exceptional production standards

Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility provides you with quality, capacity, flexibility, efficiency and, above all, assured supply.

We operate 70 injection and blow moulding machines which produce 24/7 in 3 shifts. Our products fully comply with the latest European and/or United States Pharmacopoeia and are produced according to the GMP guidelines.

Both human and veterinary applications can be produced in our clean rooms (class 100, 1.000 or 10.000).

Quality is key

The key to our success is a quality–centered culture at every level of development and production. Our quality system is dedicated exclusively to the pharmaceutical sector.

We provide you with all necessary documents allowing you to register your pharmaceutical product, guaranteeing compliance with the latest pharmaceutical guidelines.



iso 9001 - 13485 - 15378

Finishing touch

Our A-Z approach results in perfect finishing of your products: printing, assembly, individual flow pack or blister packaging, ultra sonic welding, gamma-irradiation or ETO and transportation. You name it. We deliver it.



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