Face mask straps

How it all started

With the arrival of COVID-19, our lives suddenly changed. People all around the world are now wearing  face masks, keeping their distance and are staying home as much as possible. However, some people cannot stay home and are therefore wearing face masks all day long. Soon, it became clear that wearing a face mask for a longer period of time can become very uncomfortable. It can start to irritate behind the ears and cause pressure.

Peter Mercelis of Common Sense Engineering, came up with the idea of producing face mask straps. Via 3D printing, producing such a strap is very easy. However it became clear that this process wouldn’t be fast enough. That’s why Peter came to HDB for help. By using injection moulding machines, it can be produced much faster and cheaper.

Besides handing out protective clothing to residential care centers, the idea arose to produce these face mask straps. With great enthusiasm, our HDB-team took up the challenge. These face mask straps were realized in record time. In no more than five working days, our first face mask strap was produced on our injection moulding machines.

Support the Red Cross

Making these face mask straps, isn’t the core business of HDB. It’s more of an extra service. Our employees’ enthusiasm showcases how much HDB wants to help people. In these unusual Corona-times, the urge to help others is more important than ever. Therefore, we decided to donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. When buying these face mask straps, you are therefore not only helping yourself, but are also supporting a good cause. We are all fighting the virus together! #Staysafe

Hubert De Backer NV is very proud of all its employees and wants to thank everyone who did their part in making this project a success.

And remember, we’re all fighting together against the same virus!


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