Challenging the limits of plastic: Highlighting the baseline of HDB

Plastic is essential for the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Oral dosing syringes, eye droppers, dosing applications, diagnostic equipment,… The production of these products demands sophisticated production methods and business insights. Two aspects where HDB excels. Our baseline is not “Challenging the limits of plastic” by accident…

Since its foundation in 1932, HDB aims for perfection in the production of plastic components. Starting with the production of plastic components for various sectors, the family business evolved to become the worldwide standard for human and veterinary pharmaceutical products, medical tools and diagnostic equipment. Every day, HDB is pushing the limits of plastics to continuously enhance their products. This we do with our superior machinery, yearlong experience, research and development.

Wholesome partner from design to logistics

With our wholesome approach we guarantee the perfect handling of your customized products. From development to transport, we take care of everything for you.

1. Development

Our R&D-department translates your ideas into a realistic product design. Together with you, we develop a product exactly matching your requirements. Thanks to our substantial experience and innovative mindset, we bring a technical advantage to the table that ensures our position as market leader.

2. Mould production

Every successful product starts off with a high quality mould. Based on the most advanced casting mould technology, we produce fast and efficiently the ideal prototype and the commercial casting mould. In order to achieve this, we exclusively use high quality steel. That way, the casting mould lasts longer.

3. Production

HDB manufactures your product in compliance with all current norms in advanced production facilities with 70 injection- and blow moulding machines. The production of human and veterinary applications takes place in our class 100, 1000, or 10 000 clean rooms.

4. Printing and installation

With our numerous printers and assembly machines we provide the perfect handling of your products. Thanks to the highly technological camera examination during the whole production and printing process, every product is perfect and in each and every detail.

5. Packaging and logistics

HDB packages your products in individual flowpacks or blister packaging and then in plastic bags, boxes and pallets in different standardised sizes. Ultimately, we deliver everything in the required amount at the prearranged delivery date.

Focus on quality

We strive for quality in everything we do. Our advanced production facilities and the expertise of our staff guarantee products that are in compliance with the highest industry standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System - Requirements)
  • ISO 13485:2016 (Medical tools)
  • ISO 15378:2017 (Primary packaging for medical products)
  • Policy 93/42/EEG (Medical tools)

When it comes to quality, HDB leaves nothing to chance:

  • Our production processes is monitored continuously by production operators and highly technological “in process controls”.
  • All products are tested extensively before leaving our facilities.
  • Our staff is doing specialized trainings regularly to ensure they keep on working in compliance with our quality management system.

Plastic products for the medical and pharmaceutical sector

At HDB, we are specialized in the production of medical and pharmaceutical tools such as oral dosing, veterinary paste, intramammary injectors and products for ophthalmology, intimate care and medical applications.

With our drive to quality, highly technological production facilities and innovative mindset, we strive to continuously improve our plastic products. This is exactly what our baseline stands for: challenging the limits of plastic.  

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