Why choose HDB?

  • Quality is priority
  • Support and development from A – Z
  • In-house tool shop
  • All-in-one package
  • State-of-the art manufacturing facility
  • Security of supply
  • ISO and GMP certified
  • Innovative and only the highest quality products
  • More than 90 years of experience in injection moulding
  • Existing supplier to all major global pharmaceutical groups

We go all the way for your project!

Starting from the development we support and guide you through all steps within our process flow. 

1. Developing your product

In close cooperation with your technical engineers and marketing department, our Research & Development department turns your ideas into useable concepts. Our CAD systems provide 2D and 3D drawings for visualization, prototyping and mould manufacturing. Our 3D printer allows us to provide you with first prototypes of your product on short term.

Our extensive experience results in innovative, technologically advanced and commercially successful products.

2. Moulding

Impeccable products can only be produced by means of high-quality moulds. With our very own state-of-the-art tool shop we apply the most recent developments in mould technology and machinery. Our in-house experience and knowhow result in ideal and efficient production of both prototype and commercial moulds. We use only the highest quality steel in our production, resulting in a long-lasting mould life cycle.

Our in-house tool shop is equipped with:

  • 5-axle milling machines
  • Turning centres with milling spindle
  • Grinding machines for all operations
  • EDM (Electric discharge machining)
  • 3D measuring tools
  • CAM software for fast and complex programs

During the process of elaborating your idea into a commercial product we produce test moulds to make sure we can provide you with first samples for testing.

In order to come to a final stage in which the moulds can start producing your commercial products, we follow a validation procedure. This procedure gives us both the guarantee that the specifications of your commercial product conform to your requirements.

After each production run we do a check-up of the mould and maintenance will take place. If required a more intensive maintenance or intervention will be planned. This pro-active approach allows us to have a fluent start-up of the mould for the next production run.

For maintaining these moulds we use hot runner monitoring, laser welding, ultrasonic cleaning and a polishing chamber.

Our customized moulds always come with a minimum guaranteed number of shots.

3. Production

Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility provides you with quality, capacity, flexibility, efficiency and assured supply.

We operate:

  • 70 injection and blow moulding machines with a clamping force of 50 to 250 tons
  • Production 24/7
  • 2 fully equipped clean rooms certified by ISO standards
  • Highly skilled employees

4. Printing & assembly

Having about 30 printing and assembly machines, we are able to fulfil your wishes:

  • Leak tests
  • Camera production controls
  • Camera printing controls
  • Packaging in individual flow packs
  • ….

5. Packaging & Logistics

Also within our logistics department we are flexible. With different standard sizes of plastic bags, boxes and pallets, we pack and ship your products in the quantities required.


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