Status of HDB’s Business Continuity Plan and mitigation activities due to COVID-19 

In order to be able to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and to take the necessary preventive measures in the light of the worldwide Coronavirus crisis, a HDB Crisis Action Team has been activated and is led by the managing director of the company. 

Necessary to get through this exceptional period, the activation of this team enables HDB to respond quickly and proactively to the changing conditions we are now subject to. 

To continue to meet the HDB's high quality standard and to guarantee the continuity of the business as much as possible, HDB had already taken appropriate additional measures in recent weeks. 

In line with the latest guidelines imposed by the Belgian government, extra actions have been established such as: 

  • Enhanced personal hygiene controls 
  • Additional and more frequent disinfectant cleaning across the entire site 
  • Social distancing 
  • External driver segregation 
  • Work from home for all non-production related jobs 
  • Virtual meetings 
  • Travel bans 
  • Visitor restriction (urgent and critical matters only) 

We continuously monitor the supply of materials required for production and deploy the available employees as optimal as possible to minimize the impact on deliveries to our customers. 

We are convinced that these extreme but necessary measures will allow us to continue to produce in these difficult times and that we are able to deliver high standard products to all our customers. 
If you would have any questions on the above please do not hesitate to contact your quality or commercial contact.

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