The advantages of custom made moulds

Moulds are irreplaceable for the production of medical tools and pharmaceutical products such as oral dosing syringes and intramammary injectors. As medical applications tend to be very specific, the moulds are custom made. Besides that, it is needless to say that HDB also offers an extensive standard range of products for which we develop the moulds ourselves.

In the medical world, every detail matters. Medical tools, such as oral dosing syringes, are oftentimes custom made. For the injection moulding of plastic products a mould is used. At HDB, we are specialized in the development of high quality custom made moulds which last longer.

Advantages of custom made moulds

Using a custom made mould brings numerous advantages for the production process to the table. We are outlining the most important ones:

1. Repeatedly flawless products

After creating the custom made mould you can repeatedly manufacture flawless products. HDB uses steel moulds which last exceptionally long.

2. High precision (even for complex parts)

Injection moulding is the perfect solution for the serial production of very delicate parts. The tolerance range of injection moulding is reduced to the bare minimum. Our sophisticated injection moulding technology allows for highly precise plastic production.

3. Efficient and precise

Manufacturing with injection moulding is extremely fast. Especially when comparing it to manufacturing with a CNC-machine or 3D-printing. The manufactured parts don’t need extra treatment. With that, you quickly make up the investment for the custom made mould in the production process.

4. Sustainable

With injection moulding of plastic parts, almost no material is wasted. Even the plastic waste in the nozzles and pipes can be reused.

5. Suitable for different materials

The injection technology is suitable for different sorts of material such as plastic, bio-degradable materials, antistatic plastic, chemical resistant plastics etc. Furthermore, you have an endless choice of colour and finish.

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How are costume made moulds developed and tested?

For the development of your syringes and other medical tools we follow our well-proven development process:

1. Design of your product: Based on your needs and wishes, our R&D-department develops a custom made design. With our 3D-printer, we quickly and accurately produce a first prototype of your product.

2. Short-term test moulds: Already early in the process, we produce the first test mould with our proved and tested procedure of injection moulding. With this, we ensure that you quickly receive the first products for further testing.

3. Custom mould construction: A high-quality mould constitutes the base of a flawless product. For the production of the ideal mould, we are working according to the most recent developments in the field of mould technology. Highest quality steel makes for a mould that lasts longer.

4. Validation process: Trough an efficient validation process, we quickly get to the definitive mould to start production.

5. Maintenance: With an efficient validation process we inspect the mould and carry out a maintenance treatment. Due to this, the start of the next production series proceeds smoothly and efficient.

Injection moulding for the medical and pharmaceutical sector

At HDB, we are specialized in the production of medical and pharmaceutical tools such as oral dosing syringes, veterinary  paste, intramammary injectors and products for ophthalmology, intimate care and medical applications. We produce these products in our state of the art clean room facilities. We manufacture every mould ourself in Belgium. That is why we can act quickly, for instance if adjustments at the mould are necessary.

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